(march 2004)


- 2 years at Weta Digital, New Zealand -

LOTR:The Return of the King, creating procedural lava
LOTR:The Two Towers, creating procedural water, fire and smoke


- 4 years at Alias|wavefront, mainly as a Maya product specialist -


- 4 years of engineering studies at Ghent University -

- Latin/Greek studies at high school -



- strengths -


Maya scripting

Renderman Shading

using any node-based architecture




- data -


Tom Kluyskens

Theresianenstraat 12, 9000 Gent, BELGIUM

+32 477 39 30 97





- Two Towers -

wrote a Maya to Shake system for averageing 2K hardware rendered images into motionblurred fire and smoke layers,

and rendered many of those layers


built a sprite-based flooding system based on filmed water textures and Maya fluids to fill huge areas with wild water


inserted background 'cycs', replaced skies and environments with correct parallax for sweeping camera moves


helped speeding up the Gollum facial system for higher interactivity and better control over his facial expression





- ROTK -

integration of multi-layered animated mattepaintings and 3d objects

in environments with tricky parallax and heavy camera motion






prepared the lava particle simulations for the Gollum drop and Mt Doom eruption,

using animated and static collision objects,

outputting particle and poly data for rendering

coordinated the development of 3rd party fluid simulation software against tight deadlines,

bringing the feature set a full version further

enabling the software to handle millions of particles and very heavy poly sets


built the poly set -> renderman pipeline, including the pioneering procedural shaders :

UV texture bombing shader dragged along the polyset by the underlying particles,

morphed and shaded according to particle behaviour and attributes